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Rodmarton Manor garden Rodmarton Manor

The 8 acre Cotswold garden in glorious Gloucestershire is interesting any month of the year but really beautiful throughout the summer months. It was designed originally as a series of outdoor rooms and is still the same today.

There is a wide selection of planting that has been done over the years with superb vistas and views throughout and plenty of places to sit and admire the view. Each part of this Gloucestershire garden has a different character ranging from the alpines in troughs, bigger plants in the rockery, lawns, a large kitchen garden, white borders, to the magnificent herbaceous borders which are constantly being replanted and improved.

Garden View

A Cotswold Garden

There is much in the way of hedging and some humorous new topiary in different parts of the garden. There are roses in abundance flowering through the summer and lots of pots and tubs in different parts of the garden.


Emphasis is placed on looking after the birds and butterflies in the garden and they are much in evidence when you visit (weather permitting).

Much of the garden is negotiable by wheelchair.

To quote Tim Richardson (English Gardens in the Twentieth Century-Aurum Press 2005) “Hidcote and Sissinghurst may have emerged as indisputably the most influential English gardens of the twentieth century... but perhaps Rodmarton should be up there with them... Hidcote has its unique ‘otherness’, Sissinghurst its irresistible biographical appeal, but Rodmarton is possessed of an intense and sequestered atmosphere that is all its own, and even now retains a strong sense of its original integrity.”


SnowdropSnowdrop Display at Rodmarton

Snowdrops (Genus Galanthus) feature strongly at Rodmarton Manor where there are at least 150 different sorts, some small, some huge, with many different markings – some yellow and some green and including many rare ones.

They flower from October to March with the main ones flowering January/ February.

There is now a great deal of interest in snowdrops and the garden is open in 2018 on 3rd,10th,14th and 17th February 2019 from 1.30pm . We can take group bookings on other days.


There are likely to be other winter flowers such as Crocus, Hellebores, Cyclamen, Aconites. In the event of hard frost or snow it is advisable to telephone before visiting.

Please see other pages for further details of opening.

– the Garden Visit and Travel Guide

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